Phone Psychic Reading

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Here, getting a psychic reading is simple and uncomplicated.  I like to be short, sweet and to the point.  I have a new service that I am offering - Phone Psychic Readings.  This is where you will get to talk to me for an affordable per minute rate.   

My Name is Jessica.

My Schedule is 9AM - 12MIDNIGHT. 

Monday - Friday.   Cost:  $5.99 Per Minute.

I have been a Psychic since 1999 - so you are in great hands!

⭐  Some of the topics I cover include, but are not limited to:  Love and Relationships, Career and Business Soulmate Inquiries, Marriage and Divorce, Dream Interpretation, LGBTQ, Karma and Destiny, Soul Mate Compatibility, Seven Day Forecast, One Year Forecast, Jobs and Money Forecast, Career Strengths, Astro Location (Should You Move?), Business Success Forecast, Compatibility and Conflict, Coworker Compatibility, Relationship Potential, Romantic Compatibility, Career Path, Past Lives & Life Path. No Issue is too big or too small.  ⭐

Phone Psychic Reading - Call Now!

All Readings Are In Eastern Time!

When you call my Psychic Line to get a Psychic Reading from me, you are helping me - a single mother - feed me and my 13 year old daughter.

Do you want a Psychic Reading - but don't have the room in your schedule for a traditional appointment?  Maybe you only have time for a 10 minute Reading.

I've got you covered!  I now offer Per Minute Phone Psychic Readings.   have been a psychic since 1999. Unlimited Topics Covered.

My Schedule is The Following:

Monday - Friday - 9AM - 12MIDNIGHT

Cost:  $5.99 Per Minute

My Name is Jessica