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Hello and Welcome to your One Stop Shop for all of your Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading needs!  My name is Jessica and I have been in business since 1999.  What makes my Services unique is that every single one of my Readings is a OUIJA Board Reading.  I bet you have never had your Tarot Reading interpreted by a OUIJA Board!  My OUIJA Board (pictured above) will literally spell out your Reading - How’s that for Awesome?!  When you order a Reading from me, you can trust that you are in the good hands of someone with over two decades (and counting!) of experience.  Walk with me as we delve into The Unknown and Fascinating World of OUIJA Board Readings!

Phone Psychic Reading - Call Now!

Here is where you have the option of Affordable Per Minute Rates for Psychic Readings From Me.  Per Minute readings are a great and safe way to get a Reading.

I cover unlimited topics except for Medical, Health, Legal, Pregnancy and Death and any other topic that I deem prohibited.  Some of the topics I cover include, but are not limited to: Pendulum Readings, Love and Relationships, Career and Business Soulmate Inquiries, Marriage and Divorce, Dream Interpretation, LGBTQ, Karma and Destiny, Soul Mate Compatibility, Seven Day Forecast, One Year Forecast, Jobs and Money Forecast, Career Strengths, Astro Location (Should You Move?), Business Success Forecast, Compatibility and Conflict, Coworker Compatibility, Relationship Potential, Romantic Compatibility, Career Path, Past Lives & Life Path.  No Issue is too big or too small. 

All Readings  Are In Eastern Time!

Ad Blocker software may block your ability to book an appointment with me because Ad Blocker software blocks HTML, and my Booking Software is HTML based.  I ask that you please disable all Ad Blocker software so you can book appointments with me.  There are no ads on this site.

If you want to give me a Gratuity, you can do so after the you get your Reading from me.  If you want to give me a Gratuity for a Reading, my Zelle  is jgolden83@gmail.com

Gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Gratuities - as well as net profits from All of my Readings - are used to help feed my 13 year old daughter & me.  Thank You.

About Me

Here is where you find out a little more about who I am, how I became a psychic and anything else you would like to know. My photo is located at the top left of this site.  Know this:  When you order a Tarot Reading and/or Psychic Reading from me, you are not only supporting small business, you are also helping me, a single mother, to provide for myself and my daughter.  Every Reading you order helps me to put food on the table, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads.  Thank You for supporting My Small Business.

Tarot Reading & Psychic Reading

Do you want a Psychic Reading - but don't have the room in your schedule for a traditional appointment?  Maybe you only have time for a 10 minute Reading.

I've got you covered!  I now offer Per Minute Phone Psychic Readings.   have been a psychic since 1999. Unlimited Topics Covered.

My Schedule is The Following:

Monday - Friday - 9AM - 12MIDNIGHT

Cost:  $5.99 Per Minute

My Name is Jessica